About Us

Neemiit is a combination of successful People and Technical skills, Neemiit brings a substantial contract technical facility and technical research and development expertise together in one dynamic company.

Neemiit specializes in technology. Our operations are purpose-built for the creation of Technical products and services. Everything is targeted to the specific needs of this market – from our understanding of the problem, approaches to the solution, and the provision of technical products and services once commercialized.

Our Vision is simple :
IT combines all the values that bring them into the market success and contribute to a better world helping customers and community.

To do this, Neemiit strives to be both price-competitive and second-to-none in the service and quality of our products – whether they are people oriented or technical solutions, technical research data destined for inclusion in world wide services. Also vital to our success is the assurance our clients have that their IP is carefully protected by Neemiit.

We’re fresh. We’re talented. We make things happen.

We deliver consistently and strive to beat our goals


All our major achievements are team efforts


We deliver consistently and strive to beat our goals


Building customer trust is the key to our SERVICES