Ranveer Neemkar
Founder & c.e.o
Mr Ranveer Neemkar, the founder of NEEMiiT, with 8 years experience in Business consultant. He completed B.Tech in E.C.E from Jawaharlal Nehru technological University of Hyderabad and he was student president of Sreyas Engineering College for 21 committees and was selected as best entrepreneur from Chennai university. He oversees marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs and services. He Advocates organization and stakeholder change related to organization mission supports motivation of employees in organization programs and operations.

Sukesh Gangishetty
co-founder & c.t.o
Mr. Sukesh Kumar the co-founder oversees technology platform as chief technology officer with a substantial experience in IT management. Sukesh holds bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru technological University of Hyderabad. He is responsible for the transformation of capital – be it monetary, intellectual, or political – into technology in furtherance of the NEEMiiT’s objectives and he oversees all technical aspects and technological resources of an organization for the purpose of organizational growth. He consistently evaluates technical efficiency and makes changes as necessary and conducts research to improve the technological assets of a company.

Abhinay Gundari
Android Developer

Venkatesh Gandham
Full Stack Developer & Server Administrator

CS Kiranmayi
General Secretary


N Rajender Prakash
Board Advisor

Rajesh Jawalkar